From Cultural Awareness to Cultural Competence

I am a skilled and enthusiastic presenter and facilitator that specializes in multicultural, diversity and inclusion trainings and workshops that strengthen, empower and promote access and equal opportunity for everyone. Blane Harding Consulting utilizes the concepts of Social Justice and Inclusion to develop strategies, trainings, and programs that support the mission and philosophy of multiculturalism and diversity within public and private institutions and organizations. The objective and results are an increase in knowledge, awareness, and skills of culturally-aware life-long learners.

A greater understanding of diversity and multiculturalism increases creativity, productivity and develops positive relationships. Increased cultural awareness and competency clarifies and shapes values and objectives, and cultivates a culture that recognizes and values the contributions of each person.

I have a lifelong commitment to fostering a community that values, respects, and celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. My work is wide-ranging and includes twenty one years as a university professor as well as working with businesses and private organizations in a variety of positions that incorporate issues of equity and inclusion. This experience has given me a keen understanding of the national dialogue with regard to multiculturalism and diversity and a greater appreciation for the difficulties faced by individuals, institutions and organizations across the country and the various ways they are addressing these concerns.

Drawing on the insights, tools and skills that generate success it would be my pleasure to assist in designing strategies and approaches that lead to solutions to fit your needs.

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“It’s not the figment of the pigment. It’s the enigma of the stigma.” –Glenn Loury